About Us

This facility was built in 1997 and opened for events in January of 1998. Construction, operation and management of the building and grounds are under control of the Cambridge Isanti Arena Corporation. The arena corporation operates as a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. It is also a private corporation. Financing for the building and infrastructure was provided by Landmark Bank, the Johnson family and through pledges of community members, with other assistance from School District 911 and the Mighty Ducks Foundation. This facility was originally mortgaged at $1.2 million dollars. We expect to make the final mortgage payment in 2020.

The Arena Corporation has a volunteer board of directors. This board meets at regularly scheduled monthly meetings or as is needed to operate the facility. The arena board is responsible for the management of the facility and the hiring of the arena manager. The Arena Corporation operates as an independent organization with no direct obligation to other groups or associations. Participation by the Arena Corporation and staff is to cooperatively assist the organizations involved, by positively enhancing arena efficiency for scheduled use.